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About the plugin

The Cookie Wall for WordPress is a plugin to comply with the EU law. Instead of offering a way to continue browsing without cookies, which possibly means loss of income for publishers, this cookie wall only accepts a confirmation.

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Plugin features

Social sharing

The Cookie Wall for WordPress is bot friendly. The cookie notice is only shown to humans, crawlers, social media and other bots are allowed.

Google analytics

Traffic accepts cookies through the Cookie Wall for WordPress is measured properly in Google Analytics so the original referrer is preserved.

European law

The Cookie Wall for WordPress complies with the European Commission’s guidelines on privacy and data protection.

100% block

No cookies are served before passing the Cookie Wall - guaranteed!

Custom cookie notice

By European law, you must inform your visitors about all the cookies that may be placed through your website.


The look and feel of the Cookie Wall can be fully adjusted to the look and feel of your website.